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the landlord man’s a piece of shit

coming over leaving letters

cracking his whip

with his stubby arm and no thumb

i say fuck you i ignore you

taking our green so mean with such green

why can’t you live free like me

so i will get a job baking countless pizzas for slobs

just letting you know the trees are coming with me

and you can say goodbye to the monthly supply

of money from the hungry

what is a lease when you

took a job with such ease?

well we don’t want dismal authority

in the end we all gotta eat

so please please please

leave some net pay for me

I wanted to get you under my new dress

but what you’re doing has me stressed

why weren’t you home to see me in that new dress?

now it’s tomorrow yesterday’s makeup’s now a lucid mess

i am prioritizing fool to be their optional fool

i am going nowhere doing nothing

in the dephts of this abyss

everyday i am constantly pissed

you can’t even slice with a razor so insipid

when the skin is so unyeilding

and you are just not feeling

we could be so complimentary

like a suit in a penatentary

not just plain not just monochramatic

you wanna get it but the devil’s in the other room

and if you hit it she’d blast you with the voodoo

when the wheather is good

not only do the children come out into the sunlight

but also the villains

and night time’s beter when we’re chillin’

but that doesn’t make a difference when the

attitudes get vicious

and if you aren’t careful

the devil’ll give you stitches

fun and games is all we need and a blunt of crippy weed

would’nt hurt as much

as feeling like a grain of dirt

don’t ask don’t tell is an army spell

and girls like me were born to raise hell

shredding to your house don’t know what i did

nor what to do

sorry i am a failure

a lazy and a shitty person

with my dirty feet and crooked teeth

the anxiety is killing me

i’m a nervous liar and a theif

an addict and a piece of shit

i’m messy and too needy

all i have is starving me

what is the point in staying clean?

i would if i could

i would if i could

get in me noooooowwww

get in me noooooowwww


Frank Sinatra —- ” Witchcraft